Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Reality check !

I had my hair done today and felt wonderful. It's a big deal in this house as the scissors and clippers come out a lot for quick fixes. I was going to post a piccie of the "new and improved me" but Hubby came in with the news that a friend had called with good news. This friend, Mark and his fiance, Claire, have been working in Nepal with an orphanage of 25 children. They fund raised before they left here and raised enough money to build showers for the orphanage. They also have paid for fresh fruit to be delivered for a year. You can see their work here. It puts my hairdo into perspective eh! If you can help, please do.If you're not in a position to help, you might as I did, stop and give thanks for what you and yours have, however small.


Jazzy1972 said...

What fabby news and well done to your friends, it's such a good thing they are doing. I am off to have a look at the site.

kathj said...

wow that is a great achivement, just checked out the site. Still want to see the hair lol!