Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Back from Paris and Scapping again!

Here are two lo's I did for the Scap like you mean it Challenge on UKS. Week three is use chipboard.

I haven't put the jounalling on this one yet.

I love these photos of Martin!

My eldest and youngest at the Hotel de Ville. My charger got damaged on the journey over and as luck would have it(not!), my battery died the first night there! The Kids took some pics but my Dad took more so I'm waiting to see what he has. A pity, as this is the first holiday we've been on together in five years.
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Monday, 12 January 2009

Hello Mojo, long time no see!

Well I didn't post in December so I thought some catch up was in order.
Martin and the lads played a blinder of a gig in the Blue note the Saturday before Christmas
The picture quality is terrible, but he never stays still! He's the Bass player....the one beside the drummer!

My Sunshine made this beautiful creation for the table at school. Dja think something might have rubbed off?

My two "Angels" sitting not so calmly on Christmas eve, waiting for the MAN!

My eldest ( with a bad cold) and her sis
who refused to sit under the tree ( too cool for school) but excited nonetheless.

The aftermath!

Christmas morning there were smiles all around, though the eldest refused to have her photos taken on the grounds that she was too sick.(Check out the hand holding the orange lemsip filled mug!)

Xbox is overwhelming

Who knew that the Jonas bros. could make her smile so much!

Ais with Hell bunny a friend for her Killer rabbit (long story) but Paul knows!!!!

St Stephens Day at the Daly house for Kris Kindle. Finn getting the audiences attention.

I thought I'd better come on and reintroduce my Mojo. His name is Fred and he apparently is bi-polar ie; either full-on or not with the rest of us lol! for the moment he is gathering momentum, so while he's about, I'll show you what he's started:

Lo for week two ( I'm always behind!) of the Scrap like you mean it challenge on UKS

Annamaries Class at the Christmas crop in Donnycarney

Elaines Cass from the same crop......
......and last but not least.....

let me introduce my new, beautiful, cuddly, Grand Niece, Mia. My Godson is determined to make me old before my time!!! Isn't she a dote though?