Friday, 2 November 2007

Mid term break

Ok,so what have I been doing this past week? Well I brought the littlets to a skatepark in Swords.I thought I would get some great shots to scrap!I got one...Those places are seriously dangerous for adults! It's ok for the kids,they have protective gear, but how does one protect oneself from being hit by flying children...not to mention teens.Any hoo here's the one photo I got of my baby boy coming down the ramp and it was the first time he managed to stay upright too! So Yaaayh!!!!

Then on Monday we visited the Halloween house in Killiney.It actually belongs to the brother of a friend. It is a truly wonderful place and he puts so much effort into it every year.if your of a nervous disposition...don't look!

On Tuesday I decided not to be outdone and put up some decs of my own. Ah sure they were only in the ha'penny place
The little witches, I made few years ago. Their names are Jackie, Patricia and Olive!!!! Olive is the one in the middle.

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kathj said...

ha ha ha love the witches